Training in bite-sized pieces


Our Chef's

Our chef’s, like other top chefs, have trained and studied under the best to be able to cultivate their skills. They attended The State University of New York College at Buffalo (Buffalo State) where they learned to Master the Science of Creativity. Their training included opportunities to develop innovative leadership skills, creative thinking, creative problem solving & facilitation. Our chef’s studied with students from all over the globe because Buffalo State is one of the only places in the world that offers a degree in this field. Buffalo State has a unique academic unit called the International Center for Studies in Creativity which was created in 1967 and has been training students, groups, teams and organizations ever since and also has an international reputation for scholarly research and teaching that focuses on developing creativity, leadership, decision-making and problem solving skills.

So Why Hire Us?

A recent NY Times article “Learning to Think Outside the Box Creativity Becomes an Academic Discipline” By Laura Pappano Feb. 5, 2014 provides a powerful quote about the importance of creative thinking skills. She says “In 2010 ‘creativity’ was the factor most crucial for success found in an I.B.M. survey of 1,500 chief executives in 33 industries. These days “creative” is the most used buzzword in LinkedIn profiles two years running.” This article was also centered around the school that our chef’s studied at.

Our chef’s believe creativity is a life skill and have created tools, courses and techniques to help you and your team succeed. Our courses are fresh, fun, interactive and full of practical and simple techniques to help you and your team be more creative.

Our chef’s are also seen as knowledgeable experts in their field and have both presented at many conferences including ones for creativity and learning & development experts.